24 Item(s)

24 Item(s)

Discover our duvet cover collection available for each size  

Gabel Group's duvet covers are excellent protective envelopes inside which you can place your duvets. In order to simplify the tedious operation of moving the padding, the innovative Più Mio System has been patented by our group. Having been given two openings on the top, as well as buttonholes and clips, filling our duvet covers will be as easy as it can be, whereas hooks allow to firmly tie one opening to the other.

If you love original patterns and drawings on your bed linen, you will have the widest choice among our products, which have been realized matching our bedsheet sets. You will find the same nuances and characteristics on our percale, satin, printed, jacquard  and classical canvas duvet covers. You will find the same features in all of our bedroom linen collection

Make the most out of your nights and turn your rest into a special part of your life. Your room will be enriched by a touch of style which at the same time will be original yet unique and stylish.

All of our fabrics are high-quality ones and on our catalogue you will find a wide choice of products with different characteristics and shades.

Furthermore, decorations and double-face duvet covers will allow you to refresh and constantly renovate your bedroom's atmosphere, bringing original patterns and enabling you to change and match in a different way every time you like.

Choose the practical and high-quality concept of our duvet cover collection: materials are guaranteed, as well as the ease provided by our innovative designs. You will be able to change your bed's look att any given moment and will never lack of that touch of art and colour our items can provide.