BED-SHEETS - Gabel Single Violet

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Discover our bed-sheets in many different colours and fabrics

Made in Italy, high-quality and the finest materials you can dream of: our experience when it comes to bed-sheets lies in a mixture of tradition and innovation.

Choose among double bed-sheets, twin or full-sized items and child bedroom linen that will fulfil your requirements when it comes to sleep and relaxing. A wide range of products is available in many different colours and shapes: from essential designs to bright colours, our bed-sheet line offers you a broad choice of fabrics and models, such as our flannel double bed-sheet that you can combine with our bed accessories (link), among which you can find, for instance, pillows and bedspreads.

When we speak of bedroom linen, we think about elements that cover the most important objects in our sleeping zone: the bedroom is that special place in the house where we live the most private moments during the day and, for this reason, it has to be preserved.

You can pick the bed-sheets that most suit your needs and that can better adapt to your bedroom’s style and to your daily routine. While choosing of a clothing item, for instance, you have to pay attention to its wearability, to the colours that better highlight your figure and to comfort and quality of the materials. The same has to be when you want to purchase new bedroom linen items: shapes, prints and dimensions are crucial in order to get the best sleeping experience.

Apart from being practical and versatile, bed-sheets should also be stylish and entertaining: playing with colours and models can be a funny way to refresh your bedroom’s decoration, creating warm and pleasant atmospheres and being sure of buying a certified and high-quality product.

Your bed-sheets will be your second skin during moments of rest and comfort.