BED - Gabel White Dipiu' Colore E Benessere

6 Item(s)

6 Item(s)

Soft bed linen on your skin 

The bed linen items are an important part of our everyday lives and are a common background to our daily routine as well as to our most intimate and important moments, be it a birth, a wedding or a cohabitation: they are the perfect frame to our memories.

Considering that each person spends in bed about one-third of its lifetime, choosing the most suitable bedroom linen for our lifestyle becomes crucial. Colours, photos, prints floral and geometrical patterns are just a few examples of the wide landscape that our online catalogue can offer.  We are the ones who can dive into our own imagination and create the best scenery for us, starting right from our bedroom.

Summer's hot temperatures can be faced better with light and refreshing linen or cotton sheets, meanwhile winter can get rather more pleasant with a warm flannel blanket or bedsheet. Furthermore, people who like to be in a tidy environment will love double-printed bed-sheets, which can always add that certain something to your bedroom.

More than every other item in a house, bedroom linen are often laying on your skin. Bedsheets and pillowcases surround us and take care of our sleep and watch over our dreams; duvets keep us warm and quilted bedspreads are the best ally when seasons change.

The choice of the right bed accessories can't be left to chance and has to take into account each one's personal taste and needs.  

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