2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)

Enrich your bathroom with the towel set that best suits your taste

Towels are indeed a key element when it comes to Gabel bathroom linen and more generally when considering a bathroom's furniture. The concept behind our towel's design, just as every other item we produced for this bathroom collection - is to offer a wide choice of colours, processing techniques (prints, embroidered, jacquard, dyed yarn) and fabrics (terry, twist yarns, velour) can ensure customized solutions for each one's taste and will allow everyone to decorate his bathroom according to his own personal style.

In the towel section you will find soft terry towel sets for your face (a staple that still is amongst the most wanted items), as well as practical and colourful microfiber ones and elegant jacquard designed ones, or embroidered, bee-twist, dyed yarn, all of them enriched with decorations reflecting the latest trends.

Our towels are designed specifically to satisfy both adults and kids; they can also match our bathrobes

Each product has been accurately produced by using the finest materials available and proposing plain colour options as well as colourful and patterned ones, enriched by Greek motives and other decorations to meet everyone's requirements.