BATHROBES - Pretti White Twist XL

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1 Item(s)

Soft cuddles with our light and smooth bathrobes 

After a long day, there is nothing better than coming back home and taking a hot bath just before being hugged by the soft texture of our bathrobes.

Microfiber, terrycloth, honeycombs or pure cotton: the quality we offer is always the best in order to give you the finest products, making the hoods extremely resistant to everyday use and washing. Pick your favourite bath linen products according to your need: our bathrobes are practical and efficient for travels and gym, as well as an elegant complement to your household linen.

They are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics as well as decorated with jacquered patterns, printed or embroidered, they are characterised also by original designs: kids will love it for the colourful models created for them. The adults, on the other hand, will surely appreciate delicate and refined sartorial details.

A moment of absolute relax, just for yourself: our bathrobes are aesthetically flawless, precisely refined, with pockets and hoods or long ponchos providing the maximum comfort.

Choose among our bathrobe lineand find your favourite item that will be with you in your most intimate moments.