Action by wwf earth hour

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Action by WWF EARTH HOUR we care about Earth

Action by WWF Earth Hour to reduce streaming of polluting gas. Let's cope together against global warming through an easy action: switching off lights for 1 hour.

Switched off lights in all Gabel stores and concrete purposes about giving these information to all members of its team. An action wanted by our company who has always believed in environment and in supporting it: from the purchasing of a thermoelectric plant on the river Isonzo to the responsible dyeing without using heavy metals, chlorine and formaldehyde.

Moreover to celebrate Earth, on Saturday March 29th only, a 20% discount on collections Planet Cosmic, Space, Moonlight, Galaxy, Rainbow, Eclipse is waiting for you in our Gabelshop.

At 8.30 p.m. our stores, in switched off lights, will support this symbolic action aiming at making us aware of how important and beautiful our environment is.