Double seat slipcovers

Sofa Covers
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Double seat slipcover thousands of colours to decorate your home

A Double seat sofa slipcovers is ideal in order to keep your sofa good look ing  and customize the living areas. The whole family likes to lie down on the sofa and relax, so it is important to cover it with a  sofa splitcovers  to prevent stains and dust.

The fabric with which is made of the slipcovers is strechable and elastic and ensures excellent adhesion to the surface and thanks to the pockets of which are equipped with the cushion covers easy to assemble in just a few gestures. If machine washed at low a temperatures, the sofar slipcovers is not likely to fade so you can  see the beauty and vibrancy of color.

  The double seat slipcovers is also available as a handy bikini, where part of the session is divided from the cloth covering the structure, allowing you to vary the shades of the sofa letting free your imagination and creativity.

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