Sofa slipcovers with separated cushion covers

Sofa Covers
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Sofa slipcovers with cushion covers the ultimate in comfort

Covering a sofa means taking care of the place you live in, and keeping it tidy. By purchasing a sofa slipcover by Gabel you will not only have something to cover your sofa with, but a tailored cloth that will embellish your home.
Within our collection, you will find every kind of article, such as 2 or 3-seater sofa slipcovers, with separated cushion covers.
The stretch fabrics utilized for their manufacturing enhance the shapes of sofas and armchairs, by perfectly adapting themselves to the profiles of armrests, backrest and cushions.
Putting the slipcover on the sofa will be easy and quick. And taking it off to wash it will be even easier. Even after frequent washing the textiles will be as just bought and they will not need to be ironed.
Convenience, quality materials, style: this is the perfect synthesis of this living room accessory you can no longer do without. Wear your sofa!

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