Sofa slipcovers features

Sofa Covers
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Sofa slipcovers features innovative characteristics

Sofa slipcovers for the living room by Gabel have very competitive features.
The variation with cushion cover will allow you to upholster each cushion of your sofa and your chairs in a different way.
All these products guarantee a coverage that is perfect, extremely close-fitting and useful to protect your furniture from dust and stains.
Our articles are made from a selected, durable, breathable, hygienically guaranteed, and also soft and comfortable fabric, offering you only the best in terms of practicality and functionality. Easy to clean and assemble, they are also available in a wide range of colors or in fancy patterns, to perfectly fit in with the style of your living room decor.

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  • Covering a sofa means taking care of the place you live in, and keeping it tidy. By purchasing a sofa slipcover by Gabel you will not only have something to...
  • Cushion covers are ideal for covering couches with class and elegance, protecting them from stains and dust.

    The cover is elastic so to allow maximum adheren