Plaid wool

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Plaid wool soft cuddles during the chilliy season

A plaid wool is a warm blanket useful during the cold winter, when it's snowing outside and the fireplace does not seem to be enough to warm up. A plaid is comfortable  to wrap yourself in, but also an accessory to be used to customize the decor of the house.

Decorated with fringes and available in many combinations of colors, a plaid  wool is a must to keep on the couch as a shelter in the cooler evenings, colored furnishing elements that reflect the tone and decor of the interior.

These blankets are made of wool fabric and they possess the right size to turn into a warmth and soft embrace. If washed in the washing machine with delicate programs, their softness is not affected even after a prolonged use.

Compared with fleece plaid, a wool blanket releases a cozy and natural sensation and can complete the bedroom  and lounge's decor with style and elegance.

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