Cushions for sofas

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Cushions for sofas comfortable furnishings

Nobody  would know how to give up to the luxiuries of sofa and in thier  home, its the most important furnishing element because it rapresents the heart  of the houeshold.

Cushions are  essential elements  which can provide a greater comfort to those who would like to immerge themselfs in a relaxing break.

Sofas and cushions must be able to blend in to the style of the house and interpret  the needs of those who love to live it fully, Gabel offers a wide choice of cushions suitable for every need and especially for all ages.

  Cushions made ​​of percale, in various plain colors, which can  mould  your personality and imagination and you can enjoy combining them in order to adapt in the best way to the design your sofa.

 Christmas prints embellish the decor in the days so beloved by children, giving a magical sensation and living Xmas in  harmony.

And if you want to spoil your kids  surround them with the cushions on which is designed the characters of  theTrudy collection, all to huge and cuddle.

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