Table runners

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Table runners a creative accessory for your kitchen

Table runners and placemats are becoming more and more used thanks to their capability to adapt themselves to every style and occasion.

Table runners are long and narrow placemats that have to be positioned vertically and in the middle of square or rectangular kitchen tables. Their uses are disparate: ideal for an elegant dinner, casual occasions and children breakfasts, a must if you need to have a quick meal, alone or in company.

If you are with friends, you should place horizontally a runner for each pair of diners and another one that covers the whole length of the table.

Choose the color of the runners so that they contrast with the one of the table: select a white or neutral tint for a dark table, opt for bright colors if you have a light table.

Gabel offers runners made of cotton percale, available in several shades and sizes. If you want to make your kitchen original and impeccable, you can also coordinate them to matching tablecloths and napkins.

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