Oven mitts

oven gloves
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Oven mitts choose convenience

Kitchen linen includes some inevitable accessories, like oven mitts.
Knowing how to decorate a kitchen is not only about the choice of furniture and appliances, but is especially about the selection of details - as oven gloves - that are equally important.
Even oven mitts can recall the colors of your kitchen, matchable with aprons and pot-holders, to fit in harmoniously with the style of each house. For each glove Gabel combines a wide variety of designs and patterns, so that you can always feel comfortable and at ease even in the kitchenette.
Whether you are a skilled chef, a busy mom or a single that does not have much time to spend cooking, it is fundamental to use the right tools. Each of our oven gloves is practical and soft, and will be a faithful cook's assistant on special occasions.

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