Kitchen linen

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Kitchen linen

Kitchen linen, the perfect compromise between practicality and appearance: resistance to everyday use is combined with refined materials and colour ranges to suit your every need.

The aim is to produce quality linens that will withstand the most difficult stains while maintaining their beautiful aspect and colors so
that you no longer have to worry about washing at high temperatures.

Gabel has decided to decorate the kitchen space by using various types of linens for tea towels, potholders, aprons, gloves and placemats which co-ordinate with tablecloths and napkins.

The linen is finished with elegant trims and printed fabrics, for example like panama in pure cotton so your table becomes an important protagonist during moments shared with your family or friends.

In the same time this linen is created with the aim to recall the personality of those who use and live in their kitchen, designs and different lines that bind pot holders, teatowels and aprons which play a color effect producing a pleasant visual impact.

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