Small bed sheets

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Linen for small beds

Cot sheets allow us to protect what we care most, in a very delicate moment. Each parent is aware of the importance of rest during the first phases of a baby's life and for this reason it is essential to ease it and to make it as pleasant as possible through the right linen.
For one's own children each person choses the best without hesitating. And the sheets don't make any exception: it is not about simple weaves, but about cozy embraces. Every linen item has to be a cuddle for the child, the little sheet a caress that defend him during the sleep, the pillow a night reassuring kiss on the forehead.
The cot is not only a bed for our babies and the linen is not made just of fabric: they become soon the new nest in which feeling safe, represent a new perspective from which looking at the world, with closed eyes.
Creating a comfortable and pleasing environment is an act of love, besides being a responsibility. All the bed sheets by Gabel are noxious substances free and are produced in full compliance with the requirements for human health protection.

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