Pram sheets

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Babies bedding

The pram sheet is important as the embrace of a mother, since it overlays the place that greets the newborn just after his birth. The little sheet has to preserve as much as possible the safety and the comfort of the baby, to protect him with equal sensitivity and purity and to convey to the infant an immediate sensation of wellness and calm.
Seeing the baby while peacefully sleeping is one of the most fulfilling and dear emotions for a parent.
Trusting in certified bed linen for babies is fundamental because the little sheet inside the pram stays in very close contact with the newborn, without immune defenses. For this reason all the sheets by Gabel are provided with quality certifications that safeguard the health of adults and children.
The pram sheet, together with all the other elements of the pram, is a faithful travel companion that accompanies the baby in his most delicate phases. The first grimaces, the first smiles, the beddy-bye are moments that will always remain stuck in memory: framing them in comfortable fabrics can make these instants precious and special.

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