Newborn sheets

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Sheets for newborns

When a baby comes into the world, each of us gets ready to receive him in the best way. Two of the most important and delicate aspects are the preparation of the baby's cot and the selection of sheets and linen that best suit the specific needs of the newborn. It is to his safety that we give importance above all: that's why Gabel sheets are a guarantee of quality, certifying the absence of toxic substances or dyes during the entire production chain.
Delicacy, comfort and softness are the other features that we want to find in the linen set for our newborn: it is in the cot that the little child will spend most of his time and will live his first experiences. For this reason he needs sheets that envelop him in a reassuring and maternal hug.
Thin fabrics and textures will be the new boundaries with whom the newborn will learn to get in contact and by which to feel safe surrounded by the sweetness and innocence of a fresh and scented sheet. 

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