Trudi sheets

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Trudi sheets to hug

Trudi is synonymous with sweetness, softness and warmth. And the Trudi sheets totally reflect this philosophy and the characteristics of a brand that does not just produce stuffed animals, but that managed to give shape and feel to the emotions of children and adults.
The tenderness of the Trudi world permeates our sheets, accompanying each child in a reassuring reality, inhabited by faithful playmates. The bed linen embraces a fantastic imagination in which the animals are the little heroes of a colorful and imaginative place. Enveloped by these sheets, the bed will tell the adventures of polar bears, giraffes and lions from the hot Savannah and Chinese pandas.
These sweet creatures, friends and allies of your children's rest, will share a journey with them. The bed takes on, so, the appearance of the reveries and the dreams of each kid. 

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