Small bed quilt children

  • trapunte

Quilt for children bedrooms

Each small bedroom is the place where a child grows up and dreams through fairy tales and stories. Here he frees his imagination. For the collection dedicated to children we have decided to draw their favorite characters on the small bed quilt. Nice friends of daily games which accompany them in dreamy nights.

Padded with hypoallergenic polyester fiber, a cot quilt can illustrate the adventures of the sweet Hello Kitty for the girls' beds, the fun Scooby-Doo and the tender Trudi's puppets for the boys' ones.

All quilts are combined with matching colours bumpers and all bed linen such as sheets, pillowcases and bedcover. Each quilt is made ​​of pure cotton which is a lovely touch that pampers the children and lulls them during the night and afternoon naps.

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