Duvets for children

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Cot duvets a little embrace

The protective instinct is one of the most immediate sentiments that each of us feels toward children. They need to feel safe and require attentions and cuddles especially during the night, moment dedicated to rest and to energies' recovery for a hectic day including study and fun.
The bed duvets by Gabel recreate the perfect atmosphere to make each sleep warm and peaceful. Enveloped in the duvet, every child will experience a comfortable feeling of intimacy, thanks to the bed that will reproduce an almost-motherly caress. The wide range of duvet covers an ample selection of different styles and colors: any room will turn into a baby-friendly colorful and fantastic world.
The hygiene of the duvet is ensured by safety and carefully-treated materials. All the bed duvets, as well as the other articles of bedding for children, have a quality guarantee: they are sterilized and washed in accordance with the law.
Parents and children can have sweet dreams! 

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