Duvet covers for cots

Duvet Covers
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Duvet covers for little beds and cots

Each parent would always like to guarantee protection to his own child, mainly during the moment of his sleep.
Gabel offer a wide selection of bedding sets for little beds and cots: sheets, duvets, duvet covers and quilts.
Every duvet cover will give to the babies the feeling of being embraced by their own mother, the softness of the sheets can envelop them with reassuring caresses during the night and thanks to the warmth given off by the duvet they will feel like being protected in a soft shell.
Parents know very well how important is a cot for each baby. It is the microcosm where the first sensorial sensations happen and where they learn to get in touch with themselves and the surrounding environment. Granting them a place made of colors and sweet characters that take life from the patterns of the linens is a gesture of love.
The quality of our products, made from safe and certified materials, makes all of that possible.

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