Shawl bathrobe

Bath Robe
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Shawl bathrobe enveloping cuddles

We would like to protect our baby anytime, and the moment of the bath is particularly delicate.
A bathrobe wrap our children in a large and comfortable embrace: that's why it is important to give them all the possible softness through safe and soft towels. Shawl bathrobes for kids by Gabel are designed to hug and cuddle your kids.
The utilized fluffy pure cotton terry, whether solid color or printed, will take care of your little boys and girls.
If you want to transmit a unique feeling of well-being to your child, choose the shawl bathrobe: ideal to envelop adults and babies of all ages with love.
Our shawl bathrobes, as all the bath linen items, are matchable with the other products of our collection.

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