Hooded bathrobe

Bath Robe
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Hooded bathrobe cheerfulness even in the bathroom

Hooded bathrobes are part of the magical world of each child.
For a kid, in fact, the bath time is much more than a relaxing break: it represents a new way of experiencing the reality that surrounds him. In this sense, each bathrobe should accompany him through his imagination.
Bath products by Gabel are made in pure cotton terry, so that they can absorb water just in few seconds, and are equipped with pockets, belt and hood, so you can dry out the hair of your kids more easily.
The characters printed on the hooded bathrobes will become the best friends of your children: Trudi teddy bears, Hello Kitty, dolphins and puppies are some of the protagonists of the bath linen line dedicated to kids.
Certified and safe, shiny and washing-resistant colors are important guarantees for all the moms.
All items are matchable with the other accessories of the collections.

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