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Household linens collection, Mofy, sweet snuggles...

MOFY is a nice and pretty bunny, who lives in a warm cotton tuft. It is a collection created for your female kids and girls, totally produced in Italy and Okotex certified in order to defend their health.

Gabel tells Mofy's stories and all her adventures lived with her best friend Kerry, a little green frog and other nice and funny friends.

All together create the colored design Friend's club. Discovering the Mofy's world, she will learn herself and have confidence in one's own strength, across wonderful cotton landscapes: Moon a marvellous bright moon, Rainbow a super colored rainbow and Puff a trip among emotions and feelings.

Available in bed sheet and duvet cover sets, bedspreads, conforters, bumper for cot and single bed, terry towel sets and bathrobes.

The cartoon is broadcasting  on RAI yo-yo and it's having  a great succes among all female kids. Mofy is now an idol! Here below you can find its leitmotif! :-)

mofy_new jpg