Household linens collection poncho collection

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Household linens collection: Poncho the sofa cover that stays where you put it!

Decorate your living room with a household linens collection capable of  renewing all its features with modern charm and class. The Poncho Collection covers and embellishes armchairs and sofas with an appereance comparable to that of an expert upholsterer.
The Poncho Collection's slipcovers, thanks to its composition in stretching fabric and precious embossed manufacture that perfectly follows the backrest and armrest's movement, showcasing the lodging under a new light.
This household linens set guarantees a pleasant, elegant effect and long-lasting sturdiness. Easy and quick to install, it can be taken off just as quickly for a brief washing machine cycle (no ironing needed).
To change the household space's appearance, a pillow case (Poncho Duo) is also available and included in the price. This allows you to dress up the couch in two different ways, be it a separated or joint cushion, renovating the entire lounge with a single gesture.
Gabel's patented assortment of household linens will lead you between tradition and innovation, bringing the right response with style and functionality.

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