Household linens collection planet collection

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Household linens collection: Planet fantastic dreams.

By sleeping on a wildflowers bed, or resting peacefully on the lunar surface, the new household linens collection, aptly named Planet, will make you travel to far-off places, away from everything. Choose Planet Life, with the Bunny, Nose, Puff, Grr, Kitty and Mustang varieties, your alcove will release tender softness from every centimeter with pictures of cubs and animals. Dress up the room with Flowers (available in Rose Garden, Leliani, Blossom, Tulip and Zarah motifs) and breathe springtime, laying down among petals and blades of grass- Dreamers will fall in love with Cosmic (Flight, Space, Moonlight, Rainbow, Eclipse) and takeoff to conquer the cosmos and all of its planets. Gabel's Planet collection is OEKO-TEX certified, free from harmful substances and entirely Made in Italy with high quality photo printing placed on 100% pure cotton. Bedspreads, duvets, quilts, pillowcases, each item gets its individual function renewed to be defined as household furnishing.

Slumber within a reverie, shroud the evening in relaxing feelings and let our brand new household linens selection turn a typical night into a magical one. "Everything is backwards now, like out there is the real world and in here is the dream." Jake-James Cameron's Avatar.

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