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Household linens collection: Org a quiet storm

As a sustainable household linens collection, an idea devised for nature enthusiasts, the Org Collection has been made exclusively with organic materials. A complete bed sheet set from the Org Collection will grant the bedroom and the entire household with a genuine, elegant yet simple touch. This assortment has been designed for simplicity connoisseurs, whoever seeks refined, yet not sumptuous notes. Org proposes household linens manufactured from biological cotton, the magic of Gabel's blankets and duvets with the lowest ecological footprint possible. You will find bedspreads, eiderdown covers, comforters, and bathrobes woven and finished without using any chemicals or polluting elements. The colorants used for dyeing and printing are free from any harmful substances such as heavy metals, chlorine, and formaldehyde. For this reason, Org is a selection of delicate household linens, natural colors and decidedly soft tones. The whole production process is carried out using 100% clean energy, and the packaging itself is made of both recycled and recyclable components. This also reflects our active support of WWF ITALY NGO NPO. Over a hundred Italian oases have been safeguarded, from swamps to the Maquis Shrubland, from the forests to the countryside.

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