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Household linens collection: Mille

Color is the mainstay of this household linens collection. Launched as the Mille Collection, it proposes 48 diverse ways to enhance the bathroom in solid colors. You will find the new, elegant motifs from the Jacquard casing, available in 1+1 guest towel sets, drapes, bathrobes and mats.  
The Mille Collection has been renewed with new terrycloth, softer and more compact, voluminous, with neater curls, thanks to the exclusive Touch Soft & Dry system, capable of keeping hydrophilicity and giving greater flexibility.
This selection of Gabel-branded household linens has been designed with the idea that a different tincture might, as shown by chromotherapy, influence one's mood and grooming, responding to every bias and frame of mind. 
Renewing itself through constant research, the Mille line carefully follows the latest trends to infuse abiding wellness, matching your taste, creating perfect pairings with the household furniture for a unique, refined saille da bain. For travelers, Millenido offers cotton twine honeycomb models in 12 tone varieties, includes bathrobe, 1+1 set and drape for a tender, completely natural embrace. Like the rest of our household linens series, Mille is OEKO-TEX certified to be entirely Made in Italy and free from harmful substances. 

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