Household linens collection chromo

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Household linens collection: Chromo a determined nuance for every occasion

Dress up your abode with joy with the amazing household linens collection from Gabel Chromo, a linens collection made to become a manifestation of coloring. Bright hues, in accordance with the latest trends in household apparel, be it in the room, bathroom or kitchen. The Chromo Collection is present in the following prducts: full bedsheets, quilted, light bedspreads, terrycloths, tablecloths, napkins, gloves, pot holders, aprons, tea towels and chair covers. You might study and attire the most unlikely corners of your household area, creating a harmonious, carefree color puzzle. With this household linens selection we have kept dreamers in mind, with original fluorescent variants for fanciful. Setting the table at home with this tableware will give a charming touch to your dinner, or cover your bed with  the Satin sheets, marking it wiht a distinctive style. The Chromo assortment, just like any other set from our production, is OEKO-TEK certified, guaranteeing product quality, free from harmful substances and entirely Made in Italy.

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