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Household linens collections every new item for enchanted nights now online

Just like the seasons that alternate, Gabel's new household linens collections, fantasies devised to give relaxing dreams and furnish the bedroom, bathroom and the entire household area with a personal style. Browse this online catalog and benefit from our online shop's offers.

If you're nature enthusiasts and live with utmost respect towards it, let yourselves be shrouded by a green embrace and choose the Naturae and Org collections, produced with organic cotton and state-of-the art technologies that preserve the environment and leave the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Amongst these household linens varieties,dreamers will fall in love with Planet, made with fine photographic printing and pleasant, soothing imagery. Sleep on top of a blooming field or in the company of two cute red kittens!

Remodel your living room with Poncho, and grant new life to sofas and armchairs.

Mille and Dipiù Puro Comfort will bring a refined, comfortable touch in simple tones to the whole house, but also while traveling, with practical honeycomb sets.

To travel, sometimes it only takes getting in bed, surrounded by tender cottons, or by wearing a finely chisseled bathrobe and staying put, dreaming.

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