Showroom multibrand Casa Dolce Casa San Marino

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Casa Dolce Casa
Via Tre Settembre 78/B - Serravalle 47899 (RSM)
0549 960574
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Showroom multibrand Casa Dolce Casa San Marino

Those looking for home improvement multistore Casa Dolce Casa on Repubblica San Marino, wants to take care of the place where he lives, with dedication and love.

Gabel means passion for your home and love for yourself.

Dressing your bed with our linen will be like being enveloped by comfort and beauty.

Thanks to the low environmental-impact production and the certifications that guarantee the usage of 100% human safe materials and dyes, choosing our textiles signify protecting the environment and your well-being.

Gabel produces bed and bath linens realized in selected, refined and sophisticated fabrics with an extreme attention to quality throughout the entire manufacturing process: from raw material selection, to creativity, distribution and sale to customers.

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