Quilted bedspread single bed

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Bedspread colored or monochrome for single beds

A quilted bedspread is ideal to cover single beds. It will lull with a sweet embrace your dreams. Each element of the bed is important to ensure a restful sleep. A single quilted bedcover made out of pure cotton or hypoallergenic polyester fiber is a wrapping blanket for your long moments of relaxation.

Each bedspread presents some peculiarities that is the choice of precious fabrics such as satin or jacquard and the presence of embroideries and designs that enrich its look.

We offer a wide range of single bedspreads, perfect for covering the beds, keeping away the dust and at the same time enhancing the style and the atmosphere of the house. In the collection specifically designed for children, every single bedspread is printed with cute and funny characters such as Trudi and Hello Kitty. They will wrap the kids while listening to bedtime stories.

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