Quilted bedspread double bed

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Bedspread a quilted blanket for tender moments of pleasure

A quilted bedspread is a great solution to cover a double bed. It welcomes you with warmth and softness at night or during a nap. You can enhance your bed with a quilted bedspread by choosing one having the same colors and tones of your room, such as a quilt coordinated with the rest of the household linen.

For this reason we offer a wide range of quilted bedspreads to cover a double bed, such as classic, with vivid colours, padded with hypoallergenic organic cotton or polyester fiber. A completely natural line offers blankets made of madapolam or percale, designed and produced with sustainable materials. Different geometric or pattern designs enrich  jacquard and satin fabrics so to make every single bedcover unique.

If each home reflects the image of those who live it, the sleeping area is its most intimate expression. A quilted bedspread will ensure you sweet moments of relaxation to spend together.

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