Quilted bedspread sizes

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Quilted bedspread numerous sizes

Quilted bedspreads by Gabel are available in different sizes.
Whether it be queen-size, double, full or single, it will be able to easily adapt itself to diverse types of bedx, by perfectly integrating itself with the decor of the various rooms and meeting even the most demanding customers.
Soft and fluffy, each of our bed linen items is high-quality and carefully controlled in the smallest detail, in order to give you the perfect combination of functionality and comfort.
Come to choose the quilted bedspread that best meets your necessities within the many possibilities and models that we offer: you will discover an endless world made of delicate fabrics, fanstastic patterns and brilliant colors.
Try our products, they are guaranteed by our long experience.

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  • A quilted bedspread is ideal to cover single beds. It will lull with a sweet embrace your dreams. Each element of the bed is important to ensure a restful sleep
  • If you are looking for a quilted bedspread for a queen size bed, choose among the many Gabel products. Comfortable and soft, our quilted bedspreads have been...
  • A quilted bedspread is a great solution to cover a double bed. It welcomes you with warmth and softness at night or during a nap. You can enhance your bed with