Single duvet covers

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Duvet covers for single bed

Those who need a duvet cover first of all would look for warmth and comfort.
If you don't want to give up beauty and safety, Gabel offers you the perfect solution through the sale of duvets and duvet covers capable to satisfy each necessity.
Furnishing a house requires good taste for sure, but not for that you have to neglect convenience. The wide selection of duvets will not live up to your expectations: made in Italy and certified materials, resistant and washable fabrics and different levels of heat to best meet your needs during every period of the year are the ingredients of our products. In addition, all the comforters, both single and queen size, will be accompanied by theirs duvet covers, endowed with the “Piu Mio” patent.
So, you can have the certainty of purchasing a product that will be your faithful travel companion during the cold season, but even during the milder one.  
A duvet cover made from pure cotton or organic percale is the first choice of those who love the nature and intends to protect it in every daily gesture. Taking care of your home means loving yourself.

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