Duvet cover sack

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Duvet cover a sack containing warmth

Putting a duvet inside his cover could be hard for those who are not so used to domestic chores or sheets' changes. It is designed for those the comfortable “Piu Mio” system. Thanks to this patent, Gabel managed to simplify the difficult operation of the duvet insertion through the usage of buttonholes and little hooks that fasten the duvet to the duvet cover tightly. So, you would avoid scattering the warmth and you can rest in a cozy embrace.
Purchasing a duvet cover doesn't mean only opting for convenience. You will find an ample selection of duvet covers, available in different colors and materials (such as cotton, sateen and percale) so that you can furnish your bedroom with creativity. A duvet cover can meet your desire of comfort and satisfy the personal taste at the same time.
Each room should reflect the personality of the person who live there: for this reason, choosing bed linen capable to tell something about us means not just living it, but also enjoying it. 

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