Duvet covers features

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Duvet covers features of the product

Bed duvet covers by Gabel have different features, depending on the model, on the size and on the used fabric.
These products are designed to facilitate the insertion of the padding inside the sack thanks to the practical "Più Mio" system, which, through a mechanism of buttonholes and clips, allows a great stability of the lining, by greatly enhancing the functionality of each duvet.
Besides the convenience, also look and appearance are important to tunefully furnish the space dedicated to relaxation and leisure par excellence. In this sense, we propose duvet cover and bedding sets, to allow you to give balance and harmony to all the elements of the room in the best possible way.

All you need to do is choose.

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  • Putting a duvet inside his cover could be hard for those who are not so used to domestic chores or sheets' changes. It is designed for those the comfortable “Pi
  • Matching your duvet cover with pillowcases and sheets will be even easier thanks to the linen set by Gabel.
    For a flawless room in every season, matching duvets