Duvet covers fabric

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Duvet covers many available fabrics

Bed duvet covers by Gabel are manufactured with high-quality fabric, such as precious cotton or delicate satin.
Soft and fluffy, all the utilized textiles are also time and water resistant and long-lasting and are able to offer you a great convenience. Easily washable and breathable, they will also donate a cool, cozy and comfortable feeling, by guaranteeing an extreme hygiene to the entire family and to all of those will lay down on the bed.
By respecting the only criterion we follow, the one of excellence, our company uses just carefully selected fibers, in order to create finished products that really can make a difference and give only the best in terms of performance.

Come to choose the model you prefer.

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  • If the heat of the flannel meets the softness of the duvet cover, it cannot but be born the perfect combination able to fight the cold winter.
    Overlaying duvets
  • When the need of sleeping warm joins the one of furnishing the room with a touch of elegance, the choice of a sateen duvet cover is a must. This fabric, obtaine