Duvet covers color

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Duvet covers dress your bed with colors

The duvet covers by Gabel are available in a wide range of scales of colors and shades, to suit all tastes, match themselves with different moods and tune in to the rest of the furniture.
Printed or plain color, you will find for sure the perfect one for you among the proposed bedding lines.
The use of tints is very important and often underestimated: the hues, in fact, influence our feelings and, at an unconscious level, affect the way we look at reality.

Choosing the right tone without jarring is crucial for the bedroom, one of the most intimate room of the house.

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  • Gabel offers a wide selection of printed duvet covers, made with sophistication and dedicated to adults and children, as in the case of the Hello Kitty duvet...
  • Gabel offers a wide range of high-quality solid color duvet covers. Available in different colors and patterns to meet all tastes and suit with simplicity...