Quilted queen size bedspread

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Bedspread for queen-size bed

A queen-size bedspread is the right solution to preserve a bed from dust and add a touch of class to the room. With quilted or lightweight bedspreads for the summer season you can fully enjoy the comfort of your bed. You can also combine them with the rest of bed linen so to create an unique style.

Each piece of bed linen is made out of hypoallergenic materials and it is easy to wash. It can be chosen according to the dominant colors in the house. As we know the sleeping area requires a special attention such as a carefull choice of the bedding shades. In fact the bedroom has to be a functional and cosy place.

For this reason we offer a wide range of bedspreads for both the winter and the summer, so as to maintain the pleasant atmosphere at any time of the year.

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