Double bedspread cotton

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Bedspread for double bed sweet moments for rest

A bedspread features a bedroom by making it the most intimate and romantic place of the home. A bedcover is useful to decorate and embellish a double bed, or becomes a comfortable blanket when the weather is milder. A bedspread fleece cotton-padded can be a great cover for the spring or summer season. It is easy to wash and store in the closet during periods you don't use it.

Customizing a double bed means carefully choosing the elements of the linen, the fabric colors, the peculiarity of their weaves. For this reason we offer a wide range of double bedspreads, pure cotton jacquard or satin printed, monochrome or with geometric forms and floral motifs. For those who are environmentally aware and love natural materials, we recommend an organic cotton bedspread so to bring in their own room all the warmth of the simple things.

Each bedspread from our collection can be combined with a full line of bedding, so to create a harmonized set of accessories that make the sleeping area the ideal setting to spend hours of sleep and relaxation.

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