Bedspread single bedroom

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Bedspread for single bedroom

A single bedspread covers a single bed with fantasy and color. It pampers you while you relax and have your rest at night or afternoon. Designed for different needs, the whole line dedicated to single bedspreads offers a wide choice with matching coordinated bed linen.

The bedspreads are made out of natural, hypoallergenic materials. They protect the sheets from dust and enhance the furnishing and the atmosphere of the bedroom.

Pastel colors, geometric designs or embroidered patterns, made of cotton, jacquard printed or in soft satin. They define the style of each single bed blanket. A bedspread is an essential element to customize your room and children's or guests' one.  Quilted for spring and autumn and light in the summer, a bedspread is always a suitable solution in order to maintain the look of the bed without giving up a pinch of originality.

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