Summer double bedspread

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Bedspread for double bedroom perfect for summer

A summer bedspread is the double bed cover more suitable for warm periods. Bright colors and light materials are essential features of a bed during the hot season, so to ensure a restful sleep even in the hottest nights.

By choosing a bedding suitable for the mild weather you can enjoy moments of relaxation even when mercury column indicates high outside temperatures. The freshness of soft cotton and the light texture of the summer bedcover will give you restoring sleeps. A non quilted bedspread is an ideal cover for the bed during the summertime and it gives a personal touch to the room.

Geometric lines or embroideries characterize our comfortable double bedspread collection and enhance the pure cotton fabrics with originality and creativity. Each house has its own dominant color. For this reason we offer a wide range of double bedspreads, so that you can choose the one which suits your tastes.

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