Bedspreads features

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Bedspreads discover all their features

Bedspreads by Gabel come with different features.
For example, our summer bedspreads, light and fresh, are created to guarantee a pleasant thermal comfort even in the hottest season, ensuring you refreshing sleeps and endless relaxation each time you want.
Knowing how to select a set of bed linen that is suitable for the outdoor temperature is very important for body and spirit health: that is why our company has developed lines that are ideal for all climate changes, dedicating special attention to the selection of the fabrics, to the used dyes and to all the details that make each product the most loved companion for the entire year.
Choose from our assortment of bedspreads the one that best suits your needs.

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  • A single summer bedspread is made from lightweight materials so that you can rest even in hot summer nights. Each single bedspread is made out of pure cotton wh
  • A summer bedspread is the double bed cover more suitable for warm periods. Bright colors and light materials are essential features of a bed during the hot seas