Bedspreads fabric

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Bedspreads choose fabric you prefer

Bedspreads by Gabel are made of precious fabrics and from excellent fibers.
Enjoy our pure cotton or percale products, experience their the smoothness and softness, try their resistance.
Quality is fundamental in a delicate sector such as the bedding production one: that's why we select only the most refined materials to realize our bed linen, in order to guarantee only the best for you.
Breathable, cool and able to assure a pleasant thermal comfort, they are manufactured and finished with care and attention to detail.
Various lines and different models are available.

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  • Percale bedspreads by Gabel are realized in soft and durable fabric and designed specifically for your wellness. Resistant and easy to wash, but also...
  • Cotton bedspreads by Gabel are realized in soft and durable fabric, manufactured with attention and care to the smallest detail and well-finished. Both white...