Zebra striped bedspread

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Zebra-striped bedspreads for double and single beds

For all lovers of this animal we propose the zebra-striped bedspread collection which can be combined with the rest of bed linen such as sheets and pillows in order to personalize your room.

A black and white bedspread can easily stay in a modern ambience, and it becomes a fashion accessory in a more traditional context. Easy to wash and convenient to use in the winter and in the summer, this bedspread is available in the light or quilted version. It is an element of bed linen able to give charm and personality to the bedroom.

The zebra-striped blanket is made out of 100% cotton. It is soft and resistant so to wrap you during sleeping time.

The timeless taste for linen with black and white stripes returns in this bedspread line and makes the house furnishings unique and original.

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