Red bedspread linen

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Bedspread the red collection for winter or summer

A red bedspread adds a touch of vivacity and sensuality to your room. There are many variations of this colour, from crimson to burgundy. So we propose a series of colored and patterned bedspreads of our collection, so to meet everyone's taste.

Passion and elegance are interwoven in the quilted or light bedspread, so to customize the look of the bedroom with a variety of motifs and patterns with an embroidery effect.

Pure cotton or satin bedspreads printed on jacquard twill can be quilted for winter or made out of  lightweight fabrics. So they ensure a restoring sleep also in the summer nights. They exhibit a strong character and transform the home into a cozy and romantic place.

Different shades of red liven up the line of bed linen dedicated to this color, including coordinated blanket and sheets which match with the rest of the accessories.

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