Bedspreads color

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Bedspreads color dress you bedroom with cheerfulness

Bedspreads by Gabel are available in different color, in order to meet every taste.
Solid color or printed: come to choose the bed linen product you prefer within the wide selection of lines. Well-defined and well-finished prints and brilliant, delicate and intense hues will interweave softly to your moods and emotions, allowing you to start the day in the best possible way, with good vibes.
Able to fit the most diverse furniture styles, our bedspreads will enrich and adorn your room with a unique touch of sophistication and personality.
Opt for happiness.

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  • Printed bedspreads by Gabel are manufactured with care and attention to detail, in order to offer you a finished product that is able to excel in performance...
  • For all lovers of this animal we propose the zebra-striped bedspread collection which can be combined with the rest of bed linen such as sheets and pillows in o
  • A red bedspread adds a touch of vivacity and sensuality to your room. There are many variations of this colour, from crimson to burgundy. So we propose a series
  • A patchwork bedspread is an element able to customize a bed. It reminds the do-it-yourself and the contemporary fashion decor. These blankets reflect the pleasu
  • Solid color bedspreads by Gabel are refined products, created dedicating great attention to detail and finishes and using excellent quality materials....