White sheets

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White sheets

There are many reasons why to choose white sheets. First of all, because they are the symbol of clean par excellence and recall laundries hanged out under the sun flooding the atmosphere of their unmistakable scent.
Secondly because sheets were born white: in Italian the word “linen” (“biancheria”) comes from the term “white” (“bianco”). White is the emblem of purity, it goes well with any other color, being able to highlight their liveliness and brilliance. It is also the sum of all colors: with white linen it will be like having a rainbow between the sheets! 
White are the sheets of those who love being enveloped by candor and sleeping on light and soft clouds. 

White sheets are fit for beds of children, boys or adults, emphasizing every nuance of a bedroom: if matched with very dark tints, like black, white emphasizes the lines of a modern and essential design; if combined with brown or beige tones it assumes that typical vintage-inspired look with whom so many people like to dress up their home.

Fine materials such as pure cotton, percale or satin, make linens elegant, sophisticated and sober. Exactly like you.

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