Violet sheets

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Violet sheets a glam touch

Each color has its own peculiarity and, according to its different shades, it matches differently with the spaces.
One of the most chosen colors for the bedroom linens is violet, the one that, according with chromotherapy, stimulates the creative inspiration and the spirituality.
Let yourself be fascinated by the captivating tints of these linens: the sheets are available in solid color, for those who love clear and sharp lines, or can be rich of chromatic hues, for those who prefer more delicate profiles.
Violet is the color of intellect and creativity; it merges the energies of red and blue, acquiring so different meanings.
A dark and deep shade will suit well queen size bed sheets, while pastel tones will be perfect for children's linens.

Violet, a color with many personalities that will satisfy all furnishing needs. 

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